Supporting musicians until their first successes on stage

Technical and expressive mastery (all instruments)

Preparation for auditions and competitions

Advanced Studies and Artist Diploma

Each of these crucial stages of the musician development requires expert and adequate support.

You are a motivated student?


You want to increase your practice efficency?

You need to be coached just like a top-level athelete

Among the skills you will develop at Jérôme Pernoo eStudio:

Learning to breathe correctly

Unleash the power of your inner song

Putting energy into musical discourse

Whatever your instrument!

Do you want to have more secure technique and more expressive playing?

Discover the ARSEN method in the Jérôme Pernoo eStudio online training!

It will enable you in a few weeks to master all aspects of a performance.

And if you prefer face-to-face courses in Paris, we are delighted to announce the opening of the brand new