Mentorship Program

All instrumentsIndividuals or chamber ensembles

Progamme contents




Start of programme: Any time

Duration: Depends on the project

Qualification: Professional musician

Language: English and French

Programme contents

The Mentorship Program is a unique and customized program, designed to meet the specific individual needs of professional musicians. In close collaboration with Jérôme Pernoo, each mentee has the opportunity to create a personalized curriculum that aligns perfectly with their professional goals. The program can include instrumental lessons, study of a specific repertoire, mental preparation, as well as strategies for career building and development.

Every aspect of the program is carefully crafted to maximize the artistic and professional potential of the mentee, enabling them to achieve their musical ambitions at the highest level.


This program is designed for professional musicians who are determined to deepen their artistic skills and develop their career. They should be motivated, open to learning and personal development. Substantial experience in the field of music and a clear vision of their professional goals are essential. These musicians must be ready to actively engage in a collaborative mentorship process and to tailor their learning path according to their specific needs.


Applicants must complete the application form online.

Individual appointments will be made in online consultation with the applicants.

Application fees

The application fee to be paid by the applicant is €500.

Tuition fees

The annual cost of a place on the Pernoo School of Musical Performance Mentorship programme will depend on the time required to support the mentee. It is determined during the intake interview.



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